Coaching / 6 Session Package

  • Session 1 – Setting Your Goals
    This is your first step on a path toward healthy eating and living. The focus of the first meeting is to go over your health history and goals for starting work with a health coach. Together, we will devise a plan at the end of the session to work toward these goals. You will leave with one or two homework items for the next session. This may include trying out new recipes or establishing one or two new eating tactics.
  • Session 2 – Healthy Eating & Wellness
    During this session, we will focus on food myths and trends.  What are whole foods, and how can you include them in your diet?  What are some eating/wellness tactics that will help you be successful in your wellness journey?  You will leave with a few homework items to try out for the next session.
  • Session 3 – Taking Action
    The second session focuses on how the initial recommendations are working.  Are the new foods enjoyable?  Are the new eating tactics working?  If yes, new action items are added to move closer to the goals. Sometimes, we will need to revisit a tactic if we feel another approach might work better.
  • Session 4 – 30 Day Check Up
    The fourth session finds you one month into a new way of eating or a new focus on wellness. What types of challenges are arising, and what additional support might be useful? This can also be a time to add more advanced recipes and eating tactics.
  • Session 5 – Grocery & Cooking Audit
    This session is an important time to revisit original goals.  What additional support is necessary to reach those goals?  If a client is still struggling in the kitchen – this might be a good time to visit the grocery store together or work on some home cooking.  This is also an important time to begin discussing modalities that support healthy eating and wellness such as mindful eating, movement, rest and self-care. 
  • Session 6 – Celebrate & Strategy
    The final session is a celebration of your accomplishments during the program.  We will set up a plan for future goals and talk about strategies for areas still in need of support.

Cost: $450

Note: Sessions take place at Sara’s office in Silver Spring, Maryland or via Skype.