We Go Together Like Rama-Lama-Ding-Dong...My Adventures in Home Gardening

Certain things just go together.  PB and J.  Mork and Mindy.  Ice cream and sprinkles.  For those of us who are passionate about eating locally and seasonally – planting a home garden is the icing on the cake. 

My adventure with a home garden started a few years ago.  The experiment was to see if anything could grow in my yard.  With very little effort - we were drowning in cucumbers.  The wheels starting turning on how I could grow more though my family sadly nixed my idea of leaving suburban life and buying a farm.

It was about this time that I found out about a service – Love and Carrots, www.loveandcarrots.com –  that comes to your house, surveys your yard, and offers counsel on what can be grown. 

One of the urban farmers from Love and Carrots, Morgan, met me on a cold day last February.  As we trudged through the snow, she measured sun exposure at different points in the year, and we made a plan for what we could grow.  I was overjoyed!  

My little garden with one box has since grown to seven beds and at least a dozen pots.  While we did have some mishaps – ahem, hungry woodchucks – we are still harvesting produce well into the winter months.  There is nothing like going outside – picking a bunch of vegetables and herbs – and cooking them for dinner.

You may be equally inspired to eat homegrown food but need some help getting a head start.  I am proud to announce that Love and Carrots and Your Inner Kitchen will be offering a joint package this spring. 

The Eating with the Seasons package represents the perfect pairing of both home gardening and integrative nutrition health coaching.  Packages will include my coaching services plus a discounted rate on 3 vegetable beds OR one free garden coaching session with a season of garden care from Love and Carrots.    

For more information on how to get started, contact me at sara@yourinnerkitchen.org or visit www.yourinnerkitchen.org.