Three Ways I Plan to Celebrate Mindful Eating Day

Getting snowed in for a few days has me thinking a lot about mindful eating.  Right now, I am sitting at my desk and starting to think about lunch.  My tummy is rumbling, and I can tell I am starting to get hungry.  I close my eyes and try to really imagine what my body is asking for.  When I open my eyes, I can almost taste the hot bowl of soup that I will now warm up for lunch.  My body clearly wants comfort food.

I wasn’t always a mindful eater.  On snowy days in years past, I would have probably grazed all day in the kitchen.  By the end of a storm, I would feel sluggish and tired.  Now that mindful eating is part of my day to day, I feel more present and in control of what I eat. 

The Center for Mindful Eating has declared Thursday, January 28, 2016, the first ever Mindful Eating Day.  In honor of this occasion, I wanted to share the top three tips that have helped me on my path to mindful eating.

1.       I do a check-in. When I want to eat at non-meal time, I ask myself, “Am I hungry, or is there another reason I want to eat?”  Sometimes I need to get up and move, and sometimes I just need a cup of hot tea.  If I am truly hungry, I reach for a healthy snack.

2.       I chew my food.  I never realized that I inhaled food before I began to learn more about mindful eating.  Now, I focus on chewing and enjoying every bite.

3.       I plan ahead.  It is impossible to be successful with mindful eating if nutritious food isn’t ready to eat.  I make double batches of soups, main dishes and snacks and fill my freezer whenever I have the chance. This allows me to always have food on hand to defrost and enjoy.

I have been inspired by the classes I have taken as a member of the Center for Mindful Eating, and I encourage you to check them out at