Three Reasons I Milk My Own Almonds

There are so many reasons to buy convenience foods.  They are easy to grab and go, and they always taste the same.  On my food journey, I often weigh which foods are worth making on my own.  For example, pasta is something that I don’t make because I can find brands that I am comfortable serving my family.  I recently found the Tolerant brand, and it is now a family favorite.  It is made with red lentils and no additives. 

I have gone back and forth about whether to make my own nut milks over the years.  I have several family members who don’t tolerate dairy well (including myself!), and it is really hard to find good quality nut milks to buy.  We don’t eat cereal often, but we do use almond milk in smoothies and also in my frequent baking. 

There are three reasons why I decided to start making almond milk on my own:

1.       Almond milk is so easy to make.  Stored in a mason jar, you can expect to get at least 3-5 days from each batch.  My recipe is below.

2.       Homemade almond milk just tastes better.  You can make it creamy or thin based on your preference by either adding more or less water.

3.       There is no waste.  The leftover almond pulp has so many uses.  I use my pulp to add to granola or to make cookies and macaroons. 

Almond Milk Recipe

1.       Soak one cup of almonds overnight

2.       Rinse almonds, and spill out remaining water

3.       Add to a blender with 4 cups of water

4.       Blend until you see a milky consistency

5.       Pour through a nut milk bag (available online or at your local health food store), and squeeze the milk through

6.       Store milk and pulp in separate jars