Hooray for Sweaty Armpits!

Most people don’t cheer when they have sweaty armpits, but I do.  As a breast cancer survivor and someone living with lymphedema as a result…using regular deodorant is a big "no no" for me.  It turns out that it should be a big "no no" for just about everyone else too.

In an age of detoxes and cleanses, it is amazing to me how often we miss one of our body’s best ways to detox.  We need to sweat.  Sweat helps us to remove waste and to cool down.  For those of us with compromised lymphatic systems, it is even more important to sweat because blocking one additional pathway (the armpits!) can cause serious problems.

In my quest to smell as good as possible, I have tried every product under the sun.  I avoid the natural deodorant aisle at the health food store because the products are pretty ineffective.  I have found great success with powders, and I specifically love Pit Powder.  I also have learned to travel with an extra t-shirt in the summer or one extra layer in the winter just in case.  Even though I might shout hooray for my detoxing sweaty armpits, the person sitting next to me on the Metro might disagree.