Superheroes, Super Kids and Super Foods

You know that old saying.  “Everything I needed to learn in life, I learned in kindergarten.”  Today, I had the honor of working with two kindergarten classes at my son’s school on my Superheroes, Super Kids and Super Foods program. 

Instead of a straightforward lesson on healthy food, we talked about why some foods have super powers just like our favorite superheroes.  As a former publicist, I realize that getting kids to eat healthy foods is all about your pitch. 

We did a hands on smoothie project making almond milk, adding kale (our super food), almond butter, and then fruit and spices.  Each child was able to participate and then enjoy a healthy treat.  As a coach and also a mom, I was excited to see every single child try the smoothie.  Talk about positive peer pressure!  Almost all of the children then asked for seconds.

To try your own super foods smoothie experiment at home, follow these three suggestions.

1.       Get your children involved.  Small steps like turning on a blender or putting in the fruit can be really exciting for them.

2.       Choose produce that is in season.  Your kids are more likely to enjoy a smoothie that is fresh.

3.       Don’t be discouraged if your children don’t like what you make the first time.  Try again.  It is all part of the process.