How to Survive a Sugarfest

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This week is the Jewish holiday of Purim…a bonafide sugarfest.  Whether it is your tradition to celebrate or not, we can all relate to the idea.  Though I am far from the sugar police, I have been asked so many questions lately about how I handle the upcoming festivities.

For a very long time after my illness, I didn’t indulge in sweets or junk food of any kind.  It was something I needed to do, but it was not sustainable in the long run.  The first time I had any sweets, we were on a family vacation, and my kids almost passed out from the shock of seeing me with ice cream.  I realized then that the example I wanted to show the kids was one of moderation not deprivation.

But, what does moderation look like?  For me, this means I generally avoid sweets and junk, but I do treat myself when something is really worth it.  You won’t catch me with a Laffy Taffy tomorrow, but a few squares of good quality dark chocolate or a carefully crafted baked good are right up my alley.  I plan to enjoy every bite.