Mason Jar Magic

Last week, I was fortunate to teach three workshops on healthy eating tips to folks from various age groups and backgrounds.  Though the crowds were quite different, my takeaway was the same. We all know that healthy eating offers a world of benefits - from disease prevention to weight loss - but many of us struggle to get organized to make it happen.

Enter Mason Jar Magic from stage left.  The most successful part of each workshop was how to use old fashioned mason canning jars for healthy meal planning.  Here were the fan favorites from my talks.

1.  Mason jar salads are a must for busy people who don't have time to make a daily salad.  They can be made in advance and will keep in the fridge for days.  I layer veggies, beans and grains and seal with a tight cap for fresh salads ready to eat.  I like to use 24 ounce wide mouth jars for these salads because I can eat them straight from the jar when I am on the go.

2.  Mason jars are great for freezing soups and stews in single portions.  I like to use 12 ounce wide mouth jars .  Fill the jar to the 2/3 point, and freeze with the top off.  Put on the lid once the food is frozen to avoid broken jars (ahem...this blogger has had more than a few of those!).

3.  Store go to ingredients such as cooked grains, beans, dressings and homemade sauces in jars at the beginning of the week.  This will help you to eat healthy fast food all week long.

mason jars for blog.jpg