Vote for the Green Party

Given the current political climate - I bet you thought you were about to read a post with my political opinions.  Not so fast!  The green party I am talking about is happening right now in my backyard.  My garden is currently a green paradise, and I want to share my favorite ways to use all of this green goodness with you.

Chard is what I call a gateway green.  It has a mild taste, and it is a great way to invite children or green eating newcomers to the party.  Chard is my go to green for day to day salads.  

Kale is often called the king of greens.  I couldn't agree more.  Kale can be eaten both raw or cooked.  I like to squeeze a little bit of fresh lemon juice and add a sprinkling of olive oil to a fresh bowl of chopped kale for a tasty salad.  

Bok Choy might be my favorite green of all.  It is so juicy when picked fresh.  The stem has the great benefit of crunchiness that adds texture to any dish served cooked or raw.  I especially love to use it when I make a stir fry.

Green Tops are bursting with nutrition.  When picking or buying vegetables such as beets or carrots, don't throw away the green tops!  They are packed with vitamins and add rich flavor to soup stocks.