The Best Cleanse Ever

I recently went on a 2 week family vacation and decided to use the time to embark on the best cleanse ever.  As someone who used to check her juicer in extra luggage for vacations, this cleanse was far easier.  

There are so many reasons to start a cleanse.  Maybe too much sugar or salt has crept into your diet?  Or maybe in my case.. too much media.  At the end of the school year I realized that facebook, texting, and surfing online were taking up too much precious time.  I decided that our family vacation would be the best time to hit the reset button.

I came home after a major media break feeling relaxed and more focused than I have in a long time.  Below are some ways that I got ready for my best cleanse ever.

1.  I spent a few hours online unsubscribing from every single newsletter and store email that I don't need.  An unclogged email box is one that I don't feel I need to check often.

2.  I stocked up on good reads.  Instead of grabbing for my phone waiting for our rental car or tour guide, I pulled out a paperback.

3.  I left my laptop, iPad and iPhone off and at home.  It was like shedding extra weight without having to skip dessert.

4.  I bought old fashioned cameras for all of us to use so that I wouldn't be tempted to post anything online.  

What things would you need to do to cut down on your time spent online?