Heading Back to the Garden and to Class

There are so many reasons why I love having a vegetable garden.  I appreciate that if things don't go my way (like maybe an uninvited guest eats half of my crops!) - I can always start over again. Planting a seed and watching it take off never gets old.

In addition to planting some new vegetable beds this week, I am also beginning a 4 month training course that I hope will help others plant their own healthy eating seeds.  The Mindfulness Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT) program is the perfect combination of meditation and healthy eating habits.  

Based on NIH research by Dr. Jean Kristeller, our class will focus on getting back in touch with what our bodies want and need to eat.  I am excited to offer this course in addition to health coaching. Stay tuned for updates on Facebook (www.facebook/yourinnerkitchen) with our class progress and for my MB-EAT course offerings later this fall.