Sara Solomon, Principal

We all have a story. I thought my story was going to be about a being a busy mom; a mom who cared about nutrition shopped at health food stores and prepared dishes with the best ingredients. Or at least I thought they were the best because they were so expensive. Turns out many of them were just expensive.

Also, turns out that my story changed. I got breast cancer. I had to put all kinds of chemicals in my body that I never imagined I ever would.  I knew that I never wanted to do that again.  So I began a journey to figure out what I did want to put into my body to bring myself back to good health.

My degrees and qualifications include:

Are you ready to take the next step?

I can help you figure out 10 different ways to eat kale and how to eliminate sugar from your diet – but most importantly – I hope I can join you on your journey to good health. 

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